The Femminization and Sissification of Men STOPS NOW!

As you well know, millions of men have essentially had their walnut
sized stones wrenched out from under them … and have been
sissified by the liberal media and the feminist movement.

I’m not talking about equality here – I’m all for that. I’m talking
about pussifying men – making them sissies. Doing dishes or helping
with the laundry or helping out with housework is NOT what
“pussification” of men means–not by a long-shot. You can’t “pussify”
John Wayne by having him do a pile of laundry. Men and women can
be equal without stripping away their fundamental roles.

I don’t need to put down women or hold them as less than equal or
submissive. Having “stones” has more to do with how to treat a
woman –not put her down.

Liberal feminism’s rise along with the entire “Politically Correct”
movement has made it to where a guy can’t be a guy anymore.
We’re taught to see ourselves as big, dumb providers. Need proof:
Take a look at all the silly sitcoms on TV.

Young boys aren’t just overly energetic and need to be engaged, they have ADD —medicate them. We don’t deal with that over
exuberance as a natural thing, we try to “educate” that behavior out
of the child.

You can go to a school or university and join women groups, go to
colleges and attend classes on feminism. You can go into politics by
exploiting feminism. Use feminism as a tool to advance almost any
pet project you have. Not one of these things is possible for a male
and I’m NOT saying there should be – there shouldn’t be any of it –
male or female.

Destruction of male group’s pride and self worth is the norm in this
“NEW” male world.

A new society is being constructed – one in which being a genuine
and real man is becoming looked down upon. I see it here in
America, Down Under, and it’s very advanced in the UK and Europe.

This “sissification” of men is obvious in the media if you’re aware of
it. Keep an eye on ads on television; see if you can spot the subtle
and not so subtle put downs of men. Usually, the husband is a dumb
dolt and the smart wife has it all figured out. OR the woman is being
a mature, responsible adult while the man acts like a child. It’s a very
irritating trend.

I describe a genuine man as being one who lives by honor, has the
courage of his convictions who say what they mean and mean what
they say, and who are fearless in their opposition to what they
believe is wrong.

This sissification is evident everywhere.

So …

How long have you been without your stones?

Are you purchasing tampons yet?

Time to put an end to the madness … one woman at a time.

Time to man-up and start “Taming Your woman.”