Stop the Doting and Give Me “Caveman Sex”

June 9, 2010 | In: Good Sex, How to make love to a woman, Real Men, Sissification of American Men, cavemen

After decades of men hearing that they need to be more seeensiiiitive toward women’s needs, many women are looking for men with more masculine tendencies. You know — REAL MEN – not girly-men.

A recent article in the Daily Mail is about a woman that is in a relationship with a man brought up by a feminist mother. The man sounds like your typical feminized 2009 male – doting to her every whim; and now even sex is boring.

I mean it’s no wonder just look at nearly every sitcom, commercial, nearly all comedians, men are bumbling idiots, too stupid to barbecue or drive a screw in a wall or figure out how a toaster works. The lady in the house is always portrayed as clever, bright, intelligent, organized, and totally in charge of all situations. The cumulative effect of decades of showing men as fools and halfwits has taken it’s toll. It is little wonder that so many men have difficulty making a meaningful commitment to a relationship. Men are constantly being presented as unnecessary.

All she really wants is some “caveman sex” – and the doting husband/boyfriend has no clue where to begin.

“Shall I wash her precious body?” “Or should I extricate her tampon and wear it around my neck?”

NO! Just fuck her!

In the old days, a caveman grabbed his club, snatched a hold of his cave woman, yanked her by her hair, grunted and hauled her off for wild sex.

Nothing much has changed the last thousands of years. That’s what she wants – a big tough caveman type dude.

But you would never know it by the dumb shits in Hollywood. Need proof: Take a look at all the silly sitcoms on TV. Except for a few tough guy movies, I can’t think of any TV shows where the lead man is a man’s man, similar to what Clint Eastwood or John Wayne portrayed decades ago. Very few “caveman” type characters in Hollywood.

It’s no wonder that men can’t figure women out.

Complete Daily Mail Article

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September 16th, 2010 at 5:58 am

hi hmmm well if u look at the shows it seems its still all for the man .the men in most shows arent that hot yet they have model looking partners yet i never see a show or commercial were the woman isnt that attractive or sexc and she has a real hunky spunky guy never
if im wrong please point out the shows or commercials
u can go online and find a site to get a wife like we call them mail order brides yet i couldnt find a mail order husband anywere u can get tops coasters posters everything for a guy about a woman with big boobs or some sexual remark about a guys needs or the like but hardly any for the woman
u still get paid more than us mostly we work just as hard as u guys
infact we do more we still come home get kids feed em shower em homework them cook clean washing the list goes on and on yet what do men do then while yr sitting down watching tv or on the puta we r doing the dishes and sorting out the next day
not all men do not much but yr roles havent changed much u do the odd help around the house and the lawns mowed etc but we still do alot more than u guys we sort out school holidays we r generally the ones droping kids of before school or at school while u guys just get up go to work
u dont want to take a girl out and pay for her most the time because u want something for it yrs ago u was happy with the company now u weigh up if its worth it will u get something for yr cash u just spent
or u want to skip the going out and chat on here instead even less energy used
so its still a mans world us women have always had the power really its between our legs men fight for it kill for it do stupid things they would normally never do to get it
remember u need to mate we need to breed simple we arent any differant to the animal world
i read a book act like a lady think like a man its brilliant
made alot of sense to me
but its still a mans world
but power to the pussy i say

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