Why Are We Killing More Women and Children?

March 24, 2011 | In: Dictatorship, Fake terror, Middle East

As if it wasn’t enough for the United States to be embroiled in two illegal wars already, our President Obama (while on a “unusual” trip outside of Washington a few days ago) decided that the US should enforce the UN resolution of a no-fly zone in Libya. How convenient for him that he is out of the country and our lame ass congressmen are out of Washington.

Obama’s stated objective is to protect and to stop the murder and devastation of the Libyan citizens from their dictator. But I don’t get it. We go in there guns a-blazing and what do we do — we kill more innocent civilians.

The US does not need another war. Is two not enough? I have a better idea, let’s get out of the quagmires that we are already embroiled in and leave the area and let the locals solve the problems. No possible good can come of the carnage we inflict on the Middle East. Can you name any good that has come upon the US since the invasions at the beginning of the last decade. I can’t.

Everything is still a mess over there, and everything is getting worse over here in America. We now practically live in a police state because of this phony “war on terror.”

The number of killed and injured and the condition of the injured remained unknown at the moment and don’t hold your breath for the mainstream media to even report on it.

In the meantime … Mrs. Clinton urged the Libyan dictator to leave power. Yeah, fat chance … this dude is a survivor — he is not going anywhere but he is going to make it as difficult as possible for the US to achieve any of their said objectives.
But back to the question — why are we killing more innocent women and children and more importantly why don’t we as a country care? Are the women and children there any less than the women and children here?

Surely we are not bombing them to save the civilians.

Looks like an oil-grab to me.

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