After 25 years in the bar business, the last 17 owning and operating an infamous biker bar named Bonnie & Clyde’s Saloon in East Northport, NY, Jani decided that it was time for America’s men to fight back and regain their stones.

As you well know, millions of men have essentially had their walnut sized cullions wrenched out from under them … and have been pussified and sissified by the media, the feminist movement and academia.

Liberal feminism’s rise along with the entire “politically correct” movement has made it to where a guy can’t be a guy anymore. Men are taught to see themselves as big, dumb providers and are taught to play with dolls.

Need proof: Take a look at some of the silly sitcoms and commercials on TV.

Time for men to fight back.

In his book WHY WOMEN LOVE CAVEMEN – A MAN’S GUIDE TO TAME THE BITCH Jani attempts to get men back on track and assume their proper role in their relationship.

Men are advised to treat their ladies with love, respect, dominance and most importantly the best sex ever. Along the way, most women find that they like to be dominated – they love cavemen.

Thanks … enjoy,

Let Jani help you find your stones.